Terrie Gunz

Zimbabwean born and London based Apparel and Graphics Designer; Terrie “Gunz” Mahati, is out on a mission. He is scratching his name into the fabric of the street wear world! 

At age 13, Terrie was scribbling images on his white t-shirt in permanent ink. But as a college student, he won a bank loan competition and the journey began. Armed with graphic designing and pattern making expertise, Terrie launched Kunta Kinte Conscious Clothing in 1995. That range sold so well that he repaid the loan in 3 months. In 2000, he moved to London and gained more recognition in what was then a sportswear market dominated by the likes of Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Puma.

Terrie looked hard and found a niche market for Africans living in diaspora that wanted to be identified with their roots and not all the other expensive Western paraphernalia that everyone was wearing on the street. In 2008, Harare Hustler debuted at Zimfest London where one of the performing rap artists wore one of the t-shirts with the Harare Hustler logo on it and drove the crowd into a buying frenzy. Since then, Harare Hustler is being made in bulk and sold online. It also has distributors in Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Canada, Australia and the world over.

The sister collection called “Top Kosso” (meaning beautiful girl), was also launched to cater for the women as well as accessories in the form of caps and necklaces.

A kid’s wear range with the same theme is also in the pipeline.

Customer Testimonials

I big up Terrie Gunz , Kunta Kinte clothing, Harare Hustler designs and the clothing label. Some of his designs have trailed across continents uniting people from all walks of life . Terrie Gunz is an example of what resilience, persistence and intellectuality.

Mike Andisen

Having dealt wIth The Harare Hustler for almost ten years now, I can vouch that my fellow Zimbabwean is honest and reliable either one of which are not always found in dedicated artists of his calibre!

Donette Read Kruger
Researcher and Writer on issues pertaining to Southern Africa

I was thrilled to receive yet another master piece from the HH (Harare Hustler clothing brand) again! Love my new purchase. Wishing you continued success fighting the good fight in all things clothing!

Martin Banana

Always been a loyal customer of the designs since 2011 and have purchased at least 14 pieces to date from out here in Germany. Keep the fire burning HH.

Lucia Broad


For all enquiries please email terriemahati@gmail.com